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The Holocaust’s Forgotten Roma Victims


If you do nothing else today, please read and share this.

Thank you.

Where can I find a pizza service that won’t judge me if I open the door without pants on

Anonymous asked: nothing. once i saw a message to you from her and I suddenly wanted someone who give me that kind of love. I thought you knew who she is

Well, except for the little she revealed to me in these messages, I sadly don’t :( She’s really really cute though from what I can tell! And yeah, I get you, though I don’t even know how / if I deserve that kind of affection to be honest. That, or affection in general really, is something I never got that often.




How do you even begin writing to a record label

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My soundcloud plays are fine thanks

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Anonymous asked: who is crimson?

An anon who started messaging me on here who’s rly cool but I don’t know her identity, why?

How do you even begin writing to a record label

How to be a good ally to Rromani people


(Inpsired by this post)

-Don’t say “Gypsy”. Or “Gypped”. No matter how it’s spelled.
-Correct others who use the words.
-Punch Holocaust deniers in the throat.
-Avoid supporting businesses or musicians that use offensive terminology. Or at the very least, be aware of how damaging they are.
-Don’t accept “historical accuracy” or “art” as excuses for people to be anti-Rromani.
-Don’t perpetuate stereotypes.

Thank you! Najis tuke!


the sims 4 announcements are so bleak and depressing out of context 

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